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Some question for after someone contacts me

I posted my first gig yesterday and today someone contacted me!! I’m also surprised on how fast someone saw my gig.
Anyways I’ve been reading some question and answer about selling a project but there are some things that aren’t really clear to me:

  • How do I send a preview (video) to a costumer
  • Do i put my logo somewhere in the end or beginning of the project for the customer or no watermark?
  • After I’m done with my work how do I send them?

Unrelated but there’s a spelling mistake in your gig video.

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Thank you for telling me!! Can you be specific about what word you mean? @kometbeats


Hi! Welcome and congrats for your first order!
1- On the order page at the very bottom you’ll see a place where you can communicate with the buyer. The attach file button is right next to the emoji one. You can send update and preview via that.
2-It’s up to you, but since the buyer can download the preview I would recommend doing so. Just mention that the logo/watermark won’t be there on the final delivery, since some buyer may think it’s part of the video.
3- You click on the deliver button on the order page, it will open a window to write a message and attach the file. Then send the delivery and wait for the buyer to accept it. If he don’t accept it, it will auto complete in 3 days.


By Preview, do you mean doing some or all of their project for free?

If so NO NOT DO THIS as is most likely they will take the work and you will never see them again. Show Portfolio work but do not get drawn into doing free test work or anything like as it is not right.

New sellers often attract scammers who will take advantage of their eagerness to get something happening that they put aside common sense. I did it myself and must say every single time, I got nothing but heartache for my pains. if I need to do something unique to show a customer (and I don’t seeing I have a portfolio covering my range) i do not deliver it, I simply make it and put it in my portfolio and show it from there.


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