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Some questions in the buyer request sector

hello, I am a graphics designer. basically a trained logo designer.
I have some questions in the buyer request sector like >

  1. I saw that when I send a buyer request, like its 20 bids on there, just reload for 1 sec, then i saw it’s now 60/70. what can I do then? bid there? is the buyer saw my bid?

  2. how buyer request work? who gives first, his bid show top in the list? then how buyers choice a better offer because no one has enough time to write. i think everyone just copies and pastes there lines.

I send already many buyer requests, just 1 gave me to replay .
u can see my gig in here

As far as I know, the most recent offer gets shown at the top of the list on the buyer’s side.
While it might be best for a higher level seller to wait a bit, since requests can go quickly for unleveled sellers, it’s probably not a good idea to wait very long. Just write the best offer you can (quite quickly if possible) and make your offer stand out if possible.

Also it might help for orders by optimising/modifying the profile description too (eg. the bit that says you graduated in 2021).


yes, your point just great.thank you so much

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