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Some reasons of Fiverr account disabled

We know that Fiverr has strict Rules & regulations. If we violated their terms of services our profile will be disabled. In this article I am going to write some of reasons behind Fiverr account banned. I just share my knowledge about it.

  • The one reason almost we all user know that no seller is allowed to run multiple accounts on the same IP address. So we don’t use Multiple profile on a single pc for Fiverr either on same IP address or different.

  • Request or arguing to the buyer for 5 star or a positive rating is another reason for Fiverr account disabled. Fiverr has the rights to ban your account for this.

  • If any Seller post buyer this can also limit the Fiverr account. Buyers can create custom offers on buyer requests. But a new seller can send effective buyers requests to generate more sales.

  • Copying gig, stock image, any gig description or content from another is not allow for any seller. It may block your account.

  • If a user uses same Paypal account for both Fiverr accounts to withdrawing money. Fiverr will block the both accounts.

  • Review exchange, gig favourite exchange to your gigs to rank high in the search results is prohibited by Fiverr, if a user do this regularly Fiverr account may disable the account.

  • You may not buy or sell Fiverr accounts. Fiverr condemns bullying, harassment, and hate speech towards others. If you do this then it may closed your account.

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This is already on the Terms of Service though.