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Some secondary feedback that Top rated sellers could give to new sellers


Some sort of secondary feedback system in which top rated sellers or forum moderators could give feedback to new sellers for SAMPLE WORK OR DO 5-10 GIGS FREE TO GAIN feedback and trust. It would help lot of genuine new sellers here who could offer good services.

It happens in lot of forums that are frequented by buyers and sellers both but it seems that most people on this forum are sellers and would be an added incentive to be a top rated seller, forum moderator etc.

What does everyone think?


i thought TRS would jump right in :))


Yeah, how about no. Everyone needs to be paid for the services they provide, and find their own clients. Time and effort is valuable.


@mcromano very thoughtful. It is just for gaining faster feedback for more orders in the future :))


I don’t think it is fair. Good work pays off and everybody has to start from scratch. I totally agree with 'mcromano" on this one


I don’t think that’s required. A buyer is always having a capability to get modifications or if they don’t like the work, they cancel the gig.

Everyone is here to make money, so they should be rewarded for the job done.


When I started I worked alot of big jobs just for 5$ (read 4)… Even jobs worth much more, I did all for 5$.

Thats how I got alot of great reviews at start of working on fiverr, and later when I thought I have enough of reviews, I just put prices for my work…

My suggestion is to do same.