Some seller do very low price work


last one month my 7-8 cancel for the price.When I tell buyer my charge …$ .After some time buyer say someone half of your price .Please do not do low price work


It’s up to every seller to set their price - telling other users what to do isn’t very fair.

Good on the buyer who got themselves a bargain! Forget what everybody else is doing, and just do your own thing. :sunny:


some new seller do very low price work


Good for them! Bet you did when you started as well? :wink:


Every seller sets the price that he or she is happy to work with. To be fair, I think it’s a good strategy for new sellers. They need to build up their reputation first.

You can compete by either quality or price. Convince your potential buyers that your product is worth the price. It’s better to care about about your own service than what other people are doing.


New sellers want orders so they set low price as they get orders


Compared to some you also charge too little.
If your service is worth what you’re asking then you don’t need to worry about others.




I don’t worry .but if client found same work low price why he hire me ?Now everybody want review ,rating


Then you’re overpricing your services if they can get the same result with the same quality.
For example, I don’t compete with sellers who offer websites for $5 because they don’t provide the same quality as I do.
I compete with sellers in the same price range because we offer the same service & quality.


If you can do a better work, I don’t think price would be a problem.


sport cars are more than better cars, but those are expensive :thinking:


last 4 days ago one buyer knock me .His budget is $100 .make a 5 page website and upload product . I say him update price .He say if my work like he update price .I want him $150.All discuss complete .He send all information .When I start working he say someone do this low rate .He tell he buy another service from me next time and gone


Why did you start working on it before he placed an order?
Secondly, if a buyer is able to find a cheaper service at the same quality then you should review your pricing or services you offer.

It’s your job to explain why you’re asking $150 and why lower priced gigs are not as good as yours.


Respect you :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


I no do low price work


It depends to whom you compare your services. You mentioned that you will do a simple site for $150, but there are plenty of sellers who will do 5 page site for $1000. Compared to them your services are priced lower, but they don’t complain about it because they are not competing with you. They have their own clients who are more than willing to pay $1000 for a website.


Its a simple website


I’m not talking about a complicated site either :slight_smile:
Anyway, you can ask for your service whatever you think it’s worth. It doesn’t matter what others charge.


I know a USA Girl, Now she is top rated seller. She is very famous. But you know what? she is not increase her price. As top rated seller everyone think to increase the Budget, But she isn’t thought that. She always helps for buyers to give maximum result with low price. And now shes doing 30+ orders per day on one gig, She have more than 7 gigs. I really like her, cz she is very kind, and fair all the time. As a seller i learn and i got her good quality for my life and my business. I can’t mention her name or her category, sorry for that.