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Some sellers are tricking fiverr like this one seller

Some sellers are tricking fiverr like one seller that i can’t mention here because i’m unsure it is against forum rules or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .I’m looking a seller who have always minimum 5 order in queue.Now what i looked he has still five orders in queue and last delivery is 7 days ago and when i looked delivery time it’s maximum duration is 3 days.
Now this stage you are all thinking might be wrong :thinking: in such a situation like buyer placed order and never submitted information and order not started yet.
But as i guessed and heard from other blog sites these sellers put order by own through other own buyer account to keep up the ranking of gig.
In my point of view it not a good thing and is against seller rights.
So what you all people think about it?
It is good or not?

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These conspiracy theories make no good to no one :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Haven’t you heard about something called “custom orders” and also “daily incoming orders”? :roll_eyes:


yes i heard about these many times :laughing:
But here is quite different situation :thinking:

My advice for you:

Never run into hasty conclusions and always mind your own business.


Yes you are right but I’m just asking and not ruining his account :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I want to get some valuable conclusions about this type situation :heart_eyes:

I’m not saying you are ruining somebody’s life. What I’m saying is not to run into conclusions just because you think there might be something suspicious.

You have no evidence that what you’re thinking is even true.

I already told you on my previous comments, please read them again.

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Those orders may be in revision mode. It’s better to message the seller and asked whether he/she can accept a new project at this time.

And from sellers side, we have an option to limit the orders if we are not in a position to deliver them on time

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5 orders in queue is not even a lot by fiverr’s standards. For some, 20+ orders in queue is a slow Tuesday.

It only means that the individual is doing relatively well for themselves.


It might be a caching issue with the way Fiverr caches pages. You could try loading the gig page with another browser and see if the number of orders in the queue is any different.

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Custom orders, orders in revision and incomplete orders are all counting in queue.


I always have 3 orders in queue. Is someone watching my gigs every day spying on me, and seething with all kinds of conspiracies?

Seriously, get a grip. If you have no sales and all you spend your time doing is stalking your competitors, you are never going to get any.