Some sellers are worthless


I have come across with some sellers who are really bad at what they do . But they want 5 stars for their effort . It’s a bad experience for me .

They don’t wanna follow instruction but they will let you know at the end when your end time has finished .


Sure there are good and bad buyer and also good and bad sellers.


I guess Fiverr is no different to people in general - there are good and bad everywhere. :wink:


This is exactly why there needs to be a new barrel scraper level.

The level badge would be applied automatically to the profiles of sellers who promise the world for buttons, as well as buyers who seem to have that… Well, special quality which attracts them to such sellers.


There should be levels -1, -2 and -3


What i care about is the results . You can work hard but if you don’t get results , it’s worthless . Timing is really important . I have few ideas to share , but i think sellers will continue to manipulate . Top rated sellers sometimes are too expensive to hire .


A lot of people think that using a stock photo as your profile picture is manipulation and dishonest.

You get what you pay for. If you buy from the cheapest providers who promise you the world for pennies, it’s very likely that they are not going to follow (or read, or understand) your instructions, and that they will just care about getting those pennies and 5 stars.


More levels is a good idea! Makes it easier to spot a good seller from a bad one! :slight_smile: Level 3 could be guaranteed only to those who are eligible, and should also pass a manual review to see how professional they are, friendly and how well they communicate. So level 3 should be only for the best that make every buyer feel like a king or a queen.

Or is that top rated? :roll_eyes: Don’t think so, as I’m still a level 2!