Some seller's doubts


I’m a new seller at Fiver and have some doubts.

I have a couple of gigs that I already delivered, but the buyer hasn’t reviewed it yet. How many days does he has to review it and/or accept it? What if he doesn’t review it at all? Will I lose the money from that gig even if I finished it?

Thanks for your answers!


Great! Thanks for your answer!


Welcome to Fiverr! Don’t worry wait 3 days only. B-)


You get the revenue regardless if they review or not.



Your revenues are safe and you will get them. 3 days after you deliver your work the gig will auto-complete and you’ll get your money. :smiley:


I think when some sellers deliver their work, they say something to buyers, encouraging them to leave feedback. I haven’t done this myself, but I hear it works! :slight_smile:


Reply to @teenytinypress: Yes whenever I deliver my artwork, I always say please Rate & Review!


Reply to @teenytinypress: I do that as well. I usually write it a certain way so they’ll know to contact me if they aren’t happy (to avoid a negative review).