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Some sellers need to learn how to communicate with buyers


So, I´m usually a patient and understanding person. When it comes to dealing with some sellers, today I have had it enough.

I´ve experienced some sellers are late with the delivery, that´s fine, I always let it slide as I try to be understanding. What I think is not nice is, when they don´t even bother to let me know that they are going to be late, even after passed delivery time, like totally silent as if the seller is gone in the darkness (edit: it didn´t happen just once, it happened numerous times with different sellers).

I usually don´t message the sellers first before I place an order coz I don´t want to bother them. And besides, I only give a task which in their gig description they say they can do such task (and no seller has ever told me that they can´t do the task). That is the reason why I usually just place an order and give my instruction without too much yappy yappy yappy. But after what I have experienced a number of times, I guess next time I will message the seller first and see how good they communicate.


LOL…what did you try to buy?


I tried to buy different kinds of thing :slight_smile: But anyway none of them are (supposedly) hard to do. Them sellers just need to learn how to communicate with buyers. Leaving a buyer waiting even after passed delivery time and all those silent is just not nice. Me thinks. :disappointed:


Yeah, but what, I am curious. LOL.


How come sellers don’t communicate? May be some buyers just place the order and give instructions and don’t want to be bothered again until delivery but for a late delivery they should inform. @fitrigwrites4u next time just tell them once that you will like updates about the order.


Yes, at least if they are going to be late they should inform the buyer. I don´t want to have to cancel an order,. But I am also getting tired with such seller´s attitude.

FYI, I am never harsh when I talk to a seller. It´s not like I´m rude or harsh that they should ignore me.


@writer99025 I don´t want to mention specific gigs (I hope that´s okay?). Don´t want to give an idea to people that they should be careful with specific services, coz it´s not about the services, it´s about how some sellers behave. Different kind of services, same attitude. That´s the basic point.

PS: Anyway, nevermind. Next time I will just message the seller first before I place an order and see how they communicate. Before placing order it´s always much easier to change to another seller coz the hassle is when you already place an order. My last order (the last seller) due this week. So from that on I will message the seller (I will find different sellers) first.


@fitrigwrites4u Buy something from me… i will show you how to feel like a best buyer. :smile:
The moment i get any order, i instantly sends a confirmation message to a buyer that i received the order and i will start working on it ASAP.
I will keep them updated once in a day. That’s how to create a good and trustworthy relation between a customer and a seller.

But last night… i was looking to hire someone to create a logo for me… i messaged the seller and he/she gave me the reply after 12 hours. I was like Seriously dude??
The basics of getting success on Fiverr is to give instant replies or fast replies so your upcoming customer doesn’t even think about of going to any other seller.


@fitrigwrites4u you are surely very understanding and now that I come to think of it I consider it will be very professional of the sellers to atleast make an attempt to know if the buyer wants updates or not. You seem to be the best buyer any one could have :heart:


I have a seller which hasn´t replied to me and it has been 3 days after I placed an order :joy: (in this situation I cannot do anything but laugh) I wonder if the seller will deliver at all, I will have to wait until the deadline this week (tomorrow).

A few days ago I marked one of your services as my favorite, in case I will need your service one day. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Nah, I´m not the best buyer, otherwise I wouldn´t have ranted here, LOL. I am just an occasional buyer who shop once in a while. :slight_smile:


You are being ranted here as some Sellers are being ignorant or might be too much confident about impressing you even after late delivery.But you, not cancelling an order or giving a negative review is showing some high level of courtesy. Surely you are one of the best buyer they can have.


I am totally agreed with her statement: :raised_hands:


@sugamlife @iamsachmusic Thanks for your understanding. :slight_smile:


Just to be fair, as I don´t want to take a compliment I don´t deserve, last night I finally tried to cancel one order that has passed delivery time and no news from the seller. But normally I wouldn´t and just wait. Meh, no more waiting in silent after late delivery time, LOL. I´ve had it enough. But it´s true I´ve never left a bad review at all (edit: hidden or seen). It´s either a 5 star or nothing at all. I don´t want to leave a bad review coz I don´t want to hurt the seller´s gig. Anyway, thanks again for your understanding. Have a great day! :slight_smile:


I typically don’t communicate with my buyers unless I have a question about their order. In the unlikely event that I am late delivering, I will certainly contact them to at least let them know I’m working on it or to give them an idea of when they can expect it, though for the most part I deliver on time anyway.


@thinksojoe Yeah, I would really appreciate it if they at least they let me know that they are gonna be late. But to keep quiet even after passed delivery time and let a buyer keep waiting is just not nice. It´s like, do they want to make the buyer to cancel the order or what?


I absolutely agree. I had a seller do that to me once before - then he had the audacity to deliver a blank order hours after it was due saying he’d deliver the file in a couple hours; which is against Fiverr TOS.


@thinksojoe That one particular order I have tried to cancel (after being tired of similar issues I just had to), got declined. What if the seller doesn´t deliver after 24 hours? Will I have to request a dispute again and it keeps going on like this? How can I cancel it automatically?


Personally I have never had a late delivery for over 2 years. 24 hour delivery can be tricky especially if a seller is in a different time zone to you. Ive found myself working at midnight in the UK because a buyer has a deadline in the USA.

I have never promised a delivery within a few hours just for that reason.

If the above is the case it might be worth dropping them a message first.