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Some Sellers Seem to Be Abusing the Revision Tool to Circumvent Late Delivery

It has unlimited revisions. Which makes me think this is how it works:

  • Buyer places order
  • Seller delivers partial 1 day later
  • If buyer accepts, less work for more pay
  • If buyer declines, unlimited revisions until completion
  • Delivery is thus never late

This goes very much in line with 1 review I saw who claimed it took over a month to finish their order, when it was supposed to be 10 days. Really, this reeks of shady.


I placed my order on October 17. Delivery was supposed to be on October 24. Which was 2 days ago.

Late delivery.

Reason for cancellation if needed.


So… should I report them? Let Support handle it?

But that’s the issue, isn’t it? Since it has been “delivered” within time (even if it’s one measly portion of the complete requirement), it will not reflect as a late delivery for the seller. So, the buyer can’t use it as a reason for cancellation as well then, right?

Revisions, to the best of my knowledge, don’t affect the metrics of the seller.
So they’re in a win win of sorts.

Maybe (not entirely sure of this, the others forum members can weigh in with their opinions as well), your grounds for a compelling case for CS can be that you didn’t receive the completed requirements as per the gig’s description in the first delivery, and by right of the TOS, you’re entitled to the complete delivery (which the seller has failed to provide). @captainwarlord

Well, are you ready for it? :slight_smile:

I read your Maybe It's Not the Buyer, Maybe It's You: A Buyer's Perspective
and hear you.

I would be done here having the same experience…

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That is my point, yes. It seems they found a loophole, or rather workaround, to circumvent late deliveries that would otherwise impact their account.

Well, to be honest, it’s mostly been s*** work anyway that I could have done myself. I was ready to accept it after many revisions because F it, but I also don’t mind if CS cancels the order. I will get my money back and try again with someone else. I’m long past the point where I actually care. I can always make a video without an intro and outro if need be. Or some placeholder ones. My viewers would understand.

Let me sum.

Delivery date was 24th.

Today is 26th.

Is the order completed?

I think not, there are revisions and revisions needed so the order has not been completed yet and it is therefore late.

EDIT: This is what I think it should work but maybe I am wrong.

However, as @captainwarlord have said the order is not marked as late as of today which means will likely never get late.

Such a practise would be really shady but most likely working…

Such is my assumption, because I’ve gotten deliveries marked as late with overtime as much as 4 hours. This has been 2 days and it’s not marked as late. It is still marked as “in revision”.

The standard practice, of course, is for the seller to deliver completed work, and the buyer can then ask for a revision/modification if needed. Most avid forum readers, however, probably know that some sellers and buyers don’t stick to, or even know, “standard practice”, or, rather, the rules.

The above could be a language issue (a problem in its own right but on a differentlevel), however. The question is, did they deliver the completed work and just wanted to remind you to not accept the delivery, if you have modification requests (avid forum readers also know that there are buyers who think they have to accept a delivery, and then suddenly find that the order is completed and that they, in fact, do have modification requests), or did they deliver unfinished work and the “revisions” aren’t modifications/corrections but “buying time” to finish the work?

Depending on the kind of job, several, even many, revisions aren’t necessarily strange, but of course the initial delivery should have been a finished product (that you might or not might wish to be modified).

So, for example, was the delivery a finished drawing of a person wearing a light green shirt, and your revisions are about a different shade of green, or was the delivery an unfinished drawing without colouring (while you ordered coloured drawing and had specified “green shirt”)?

From your account, I can’t deduct whether the seller actually delivered an unfinished order, or just explained themselves clumsily with “first preview”.

In the former case, no, not standard practice nor allowed, in the second case, well, officially, “sellers are not timed on revisions”, although, of course, they usually should be intent on doing revisions as fast as possible for different reasons (happy customer who doesn’t need to wait too long after the deadline, they won’t get paid until the order will be completed, plus 7/14 days, they might expect a bad rating if they take too long, potentiallyan effect on their ranking if they take long with revisions,…).

Personally, if the seller did deliver a finished product and didn’t blatantly disregard my specs, and I want modifications, I’d be patient; if they didn’t deliver a finished product, well, that’s for you to decide.


I still think “In revision” does not pause the order / extend delivery time. I am not sure about it, I have no such experience.

Hi! I am a seller and it happened to me once, but it’s a completely different case. I delivered the order a couple of hours before the deadline of the delivery, and wrote to the buyer that if he needed any changes, he could let me know in my inbox or by asking a revision. I did this because the order was going to expire in a couple of hours and I saw that the buyer was not online and could not reply because it was night time there, in short: time gap. So, I think some sellers do this as well WHEN NEEDED, but what happened to you is a different story.

Does the seller reply to your messages? Is he still communicating with you?

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Definitely not a language issue. They understand and write just fine.

They did not. At least not in my opinion. Given that this is their opening statement on the day they “delivered” my order:

  1. Your order is currently in the production queue. The first preview of your order will be delivered based on the countdown timer above (except: 1 day-delivery-orders).
    But don’t worry, we will always make sure it’s received before the due date.

We are now 5 revisions in for both orders. And now I’m waiting for number 6. Lots of stuff I had to explain in several looooong posts, things such as masking issues, overlays of the logo that shouldn’t be there, wrong effects, crappy cuts, wrong background, wrong colors, wrong animations, etc.

As Frank helped me out and told me, I gave them a brief. An entire Zip folder with several sub folders that contained a detailed explanation in Word file, several images to show what I wanted, and reference material.

It took several revisions for them to change something I had already requested multiple times before.

I mean, it’s a tricky one. I suppose, if you stretch it well enough, it could be considered a delivery, but when I’m straight up told that this is only a preview, then it is not. And I did not like what I got delivered. For several reasons.

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It’s at least 6 different people talking to me…

A very bad custom. No seller should do this.

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I think I bumped into your request recently seeking for a custom made intro with some specific requirements for that. Well I just skipped that because the software I’m using isn’t capable in providing most of the requirements.
But for sellers abusing the revision tool. That sounds unprofessional and just trying to get away with late delivery because they might have few or several orders to take care of. And delivering sooner will make it take longer but their on-time delivery will be untouched.

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That was a while ago and not what I currently ordered. I told Frank that I’d probably settle with just some simple logo animation and be done with it. Which is what this is. I gave up on the idea of a custom animated intro.

Have you tried out the “comment” tool in the preview of the video where you can tick every point your need to make corrections on? I think it might be easier for you and the seller as well and it may have been completed sooner. But if you’ve use that and still stuck in revision then the seller has been avoiding the actual changes you want and or he isn’t capable of doing that but chose not to let you know.

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No, I type out a list in detail in the activity panel. And they respond to that. I do that because I attach images that show what’s wrong.

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I didn’t read other posts yet, but I’m sure they would be advising the same.
Just today on the forum I read 2 other stories where buyers were complaining that their sellers delivered empty delivery or a word document saying that they are working on their order and please complete our order.
So fishy.
They set up the contract terms (in this case days of the delivery) and now they are trying to trick the system.

It’s strictly forbidden to deliver empty delivery with fiverr TOS and you should report sellers who does it, TRS or not.