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Some sellers when they contact you, won't let go and want to make sure they reply last

I am quite sure almost all sellers have experienced this. My latest experience was today. A seller contacted me about his stuff and I replied appropriately ending the conversation. Moments later he sends a smiley. I had to reply as I noticed my response rate was low, and again he sends another meaningless word. I replied Thanks. Again he sends ‘np’. Then I replied him that I believed he didn’t want to get a low response rate and I didn’t want to either, so he should let go since he contacted me first. The dude was like ‘?’ as if he didn’t know what I was talking about, I had to make it clear to him for him to stop.

I believe as sellers when chatting with a buyer it is necessary to be last to reply to avoid a low reply rate, then in the case of a fellow seller, anyone that contacts first has to let the other reply last. What do you think?


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Situation well explained I believe that most of the sellers have had this experience. But the only 2 first responses count in response rate.

Only 1 response is enough. Your first response needs to go out asap.


I agree but just to extend conversation or give it a dead end.

You can send how many messages you find necessary, but only the first one matters.

Really, I didn’t know that, my response rate have been dropping lately even though I reply all messages

your response rate depends on your first reply to new buyer not other replies :slight_smile:

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Ok. Thank you. Noted

Lol, seems I was ignorant of this ish… :grin:

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I guess the dropping response rate may be due to something else.

hahaha… :smile: :+1: