Some serious problems with Fiverrs own code/service


Okay so i have ben away from Fiverr for about 6months+

I have over 100x successfull buyings

When i reach out to people i reach out to alot of people at the same time with the same message…

apparrently something has happend since i was really active and bought alot of gigs…
Because first my main IP was blocked with a message
"403 Forbidden Request forbidden by administrative rules."
no matter which fiverr site i entered i got this message…

Okay then i switched IP and began to slow the process down (this cost me time and money)… but then for some reason i now get this message when i contact sellers and copy paste my predefined contact text.
“User may not be contacted at this time”

Okay i am a web developer myself so i found this very odd, so i contacted a profile with just “Hi this looks awesome what is the price” and then the warning dident appear… i tried to contact a few high ranked fiverr sellers with my automated message and sure enough i got the warning.

So basically do i have to find my gigs somewhere else?
This has never ben a problem for me before just a few months back… And i have had such a great experince with fiverr previously with alot of purchases but i dont want to waste my time on some crapped out spamm security.

Atleast flag the profiles which get notified by the code/system for revision or something this is ridicilous… and ohh yeah the IP bann happend when i opened up like 20/30 tabs.


I am a web-developer as well, this is really odd.


Yes way too strict imo…

I understand if there has ben alot of spamm but this hits me way too hard, could i atleast get like a 1 in a table somewhere stating that i am not hit by this filter :smiley:


Websites are being cracked down on for spam and this means making any and every mean of “spam” looking thing to a systematic device that you programmed to search for all of these things even when there were no reasonable findings, they still block it. This world needs more safety precautions but I don’t believe in official regulations per government agenda. If Fiverr wants to do it this way, they should still have the right to but the American government is just going overboard with everything. Pretend I have a stick in my hand being the government regulation and I snap it into pieces and burn it. That puts a direct democracy at hand and no government to rule the people, the people rule the government. That’s just how I see it. Fiverr would always have the right to their rules being in effect and the government would be out of our hair.


It’s all based on government officials…


Well i just want to be able to contact potential business partners as fast and easy as possible so i can etc spend time on more important tasks like finishing programming projects etc etc…


It could just be that somebody has marked the seller’s account as sending spam, so they’ve had their messaging removed? That’s the automatic reply you’d get if you try to contact them.

Edited to add - it may also happen if your account has been marked as sending excessive messages, and you’ve been blocked/reported?


Sending exactly the same message to a bunch of sellers often means that the buyer is asking about things that are already answered in the gig description (can you do so-and-so, the price, the delivery time), so, if that’s the case, it’s possible that some sellers have reported you as a spammer.


I’m agreeing with carwriter.


The site probably thinks you are sending out spam since you are sending the same exact thing to multiple sellers.