Some shady buyers won't follow instructions on my gig


I have instructions on my VA gig stating that buyers should send me a message with details which I will reply to before making an order. But some shady buyers go on and order $5 gig when their job should take up to 3hours. My gig states $5 per hour.

Now, cancelling these shady orders is affecting my gig negatively, please how do I resolve this?


Buyers who order the gig without contacting you aren’t being shady - they’re just ordering your gig.

Why do your buyers need to contact you before they order? Can you include something in your requirements section which would negate the need for them to contact you first?

Fiverr was designed so that buyers could literally just buy a gig off the shelf - if your gig is more complicated than that, then you need to explain it in your gig description. You say ‘Please Wait for my reply to the requirements you provided before you order!’, but buyers can only give their order requirements to you after they’ve placed your order, so like me, they may be confused.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thank you, how can I review the instructions to mitigate this issue of buyers paying $5 for jobs that is obviously above that?


Could you give some idea of how much of each task you can do in an hour, or be clearer that they are getting one hour of your time? I had to look really hard for it - you only mention it in your gig pricing - maybe it should be somewhere else?

Not sure where you’re based - your location says US, but your time zone disagrees - buyers could also be confused by that? :slight_smile:


This is where you need to have an ability to communicate with your clients, like a customer service department.
I often hire a VA for various things and it is difficult to know how much time a task will take someone else!
Of course it would be nice for them to contact you first etc but people don’t and you can either just cancel, like you say or else communicate clearly with them. If you explain that it takes X amount of hours to do what they are asking and include a custom extra for them to accept before you proceed, you will find many will accept it. I had this with someone who placed a translation order recently. It was scanned images so they had no idea of the word count. They placed a $5 order but when I told them they needed to pay more, they understood and accepted it.
For more info and advice on communication and avoiding cancellations, check out my post on the subject here - Dealing with Over Expectant Buyers/Lowering Cancellations


That was helpful, at least you understand the situation. I guess it all goes down to communication. Though there are some that won’t reply you again once you explain to them that it will take longer hours than ordered. Thanks a lot.


Thanks for the observations. I will put many into practice.