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Some Thing wrong with Fiverr

These days some wrong thing with Fiverr. It does not work properly. buyers and sellers got more problems. why this ?. It is too bad


Sorry, this is a bit generic…
What is your specific problem?
I think Support Team might help you.You made contact yet?

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Newly not updated buyer request sessions.its biggest problem for sellers. some fake requests are there from 3 weeks but they didn’t remove them.

You will see BR that are there from much longer ago than that. I have seen them almost a year old. It is up to the Buyer to remove them. If they do not then the BR stays.

When I first became a level 1 I sas hundreds of requests. I deleted all of the old ones manually. :wink:


I’ve just tried to pay for a gig. 1,250 plus fiverr charges. This site is telling me I have “card issues” but my bank is telling me I have paid the money. Now i have NO money in my account. Can anyone explain this? I also cannot get through to customer support is this a scam?

so sad thing :worried:

I am sorry you are having issues. :slightly_frowning_face:

It takes 24 - 48 hours to get through to CS. I just submitted a ticket last night, and they took care of it this morning. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could you be more specific about the problem ? Thanks :+1:

Looks like @quaid18 didn’t wait that long…


Then again, considering the amount, I guess that everyone would be impatient.

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