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Some time too much order some time no order why?


some time too much order some time no order why??


As a freelancer, you’ll become used to highs and lows when it comes to work offered. If you want consistent work, self-employment is not the way to get it.

You’ll see lots of threads here on the forum from people who talk about busy periods, and non-busy periods. Lots of people found April to be quite quiet, for example, while May has been good for a lot of people.

This last week, for me, had been pretty quiet up until a couple of days ago. However, I now have three orders, and more potential ones that I’m negotiating.

It’s the joys of freelancing!


Rebekah is right, one important part of freelancing is inconsistent earnings. This can be as a result of factors like many competitors, some gigs are just seasonal and many others. The only way to earn consistent income is to either be a employed salary/wage-earner or to own a lucrative profitable business.


working smart is the only way for a freelancer to have constant work coming in, if you dont mind how much each order will be in cost.


All I can say is that “because that’s just how freelancing ( or any business) is.”



You may maintain the levels of Fiverr so it’s working for your gigs rating.yiu have to maintain impression and click so your gigs in always top that’s why you don’t get order continue.

Hope you understand.



Thanks for the reply