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Some time we do some little mistake and then we learn somethin

Today I did some mistake it’s a little mistake but I learned many things

from this, and that cause I loste one order and one good review…

We should always be tryin to learn somethin because learnin is key to becoming smart!

Hopes for the next order!


I did simple mistake but I learn more and more

You can share here what mistake , we will learn too :grinning:

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sure its a very simple mistake i got one order theme install and make same as demo its a easy work I install theme and import demo data all necessary thing I have done but unfortunately I forget to select homepage and blog page then client send me a cancel request and then I accept it and then I again try to set up everything that time I saw I did this little mistake and then I send offer again but client says I find anyone else! I really really upset that time …

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