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Some times reviews of custom offers are not displayed [RESOLVED]

Hi everyone ,

I have completed a custom offer yesterday . The buyer posted a comment . The comment was appeared in my profile.

But when i go to respective gig and i didnt see the comment .

Can anyone tell the reason behind that ?

Here i posted the links to my profile and gig

Sheriff’s Note: Self-promotion belongs in “My Fiverr Gigs” so please do not include links to your gigs. If someone is interested, your username is a hyperlink to your profile. Links are not needed.

Hmmm, but this can make your work really irrelevant! When you have taken hours to design an Awesome Graphics, What’s the need if You don’t have the opportunity of Displaying it?

Reply to @fonthaunt: in my case , in profile the review is displaying . In the profile we can see our all gigs know. In the respective gig , the review count has also increased by one (so now there are 4 reviews)

But when i go to the relevant gig then the total reviews are only 3 and also display only 3 reviews

anyway now the problem seems to be sorted out . now reviews are displaying :slight_smile:

I was told by customer support feedback of custom orders will not be displayed on your profile. Which I find really weird since some of the feedback comments are displayed on my profile but others not.

Reply to @veronandy: That is my point :frowning: For the particular order i worked 6 straight hours . For the future growth perspective , the reviews put on gigs are very esential

Reply to @madmoo: I had linked it for a gig . :frowning: What do you mean by portfolio notifications are set to active on that gig ?

madmoo said: Feedback DOES now display (or should) but you have to have linked the quote to a specific gig, be sure that the portfolio notifications are set to active on that gig and finally be aware that the buyer may have decided they don't want the image shown. They have an option to remove an image from the feedback by clicking the box on it which hides it.

As @madmoo said, you have to link a custom order to one of the gigs. The last time I did it it was optional, so if you don't see the review it's probably that you didn't choose to link it. If you have trouble with it on an ongoing basis, you could always ask Customer Support.