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Some Tips For Buyer Request


Buyer request is the best way to get order for new seller . So it’s important what’s thing we should know before sending a buyer request . Effective buyer request proposal can increase the chance of getting order .

  1. Sometime you will see there have been a lot of spam request which we should avoid . So before sending buyer request we have to check is that spam or not . Go sender profile by entering his or her name in the URL .

  2. If the buyer request word count , clear sense of direction do not send proposal .

  3. Never use premade template to send proposal . Premade template can’t show the requirement what buyer asking for . So always write new one regarding buyer needs .

  4. Always make sure that you are able to do what buyer asking for if you are able to complete buyer requirement than you can proceed.

  5. In writing section focus on buyer need . Try to to write main points those buyer need . Always start writing through greeting . Do not need to write who you are as your profile has your details .

  6. In letter always try ask buyer some question for that buyer trust level can be increase also getting chance of order .

  7. When you submit an offer take an extra moment to read through the offer again so that you can check do you have any grammatical mistakes or not also avoid unnecessary topic or point.

  8. In proposal clearly write that you can deliver tat specific service and ask for clarification if needed this will help the buyer see that you have read their request .

Hopefully these some tips help you guys . Thanks to all of you


Thank you very much, brother. I think this will be very helpful for all the fiverr user.


Thanks for this tips, i will work on it


Thank you very much for valuable tips.

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Jafor thanks for providing valuable information
I am really appreciate

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Great Tips! Thanks for the Tips… Keep doing

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