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Some tips for gig Marketing

You can get more traffic to your profile by some ways…

  • Social Marketing
  • Forum
  • Buyer Request
  • Twitter

There are many to promote your gig. But I only used only this process only.

Never, ever, ever post links to your gigs in comments on someone else’s blog. That’s generally considered spam, and most active bloggers will delete those links on sight.

The same goes for the Fiverr forum. Do not post promotional links throughout the Fiverr forum. If you wish to promote your gigs on these forums, there is only ONE place that you can do so – in the My Fiverr Gigs forum. Be sure to read the Forum Rules for more clarification.

I have changed them but this process are same for every where. Thanks for your suggestions.

You do not need to announce yourself by name, or state your title in your post title. A short, succinct title will suffice.

You do not need to include: “Hi everyone ! I’m (name) (Web Developer/Designer)” in your post title.

And if a moderator removes that from your post title, do not keep re-adding it.