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Some tips to avoid negative rating

Hey everyone , I am MUHAMMAD its been 1 and half year I am working on Fiverr as 3D artist and I am high rated seller, How I do maintain my 5.0 Rating, I don’t get order from any reseller, I asked every buyer to first inbox me to discuss your project , during discussion I know that the person is orignal buyer or reseller on fiverr who just get order and forward it and get commission, They actually don’t know about the work they can just waste your time and give you negative reviews and rating.And second thing when you talk buyer to must ask everything that is in your mind you must understand what you can do for buyer to make him happy, when you will understand this I am 100% sure you will have 5.0 rating with best reviews.And 3rd thing you must do unlimited revisions until buyer say WOW.This is the way how I maintain my Positive rating. A lot more tips I will tell my another forum post.
Muhammad Luqman


So, you’re saying it’s OK to give unlimited revisions 365 days a year… Maybe for the next few years “till death do us part” kinda thing. If it works for you then more power to ya! :pineapple:


#nikavoice I also mentioned you must understand the buyer requirements clearly after that there will not be any chance to do unlimited revisions.

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Some time I also stuck but I try to improve the quality according to buyer requirement and It works well for me.

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In my experience a genuine buyer will not ask for unlimited revisions.
I had buyers who themselves say that I have no problem in paying for this revision as it was not already clear and I want best service.

I also had buyer whom I delivered what we agreed upon, it was a $50 order, after every 5-10 days he comes back to me and tell that it’s not working good, I think we should add this feature too, then I will be satisfied. I did 3 modifications which were never even discussed at start. But wow he is even expecting more. He for the whole time kept my reviews pending so I won’t deny any revision.

He had 2-3 orders with me, I clearly said him to please take refund for all and I will cancel software licence, and order from someone more experienced who will be able to meet up your expectations.

I am glad he didn’t came back to me. He asked for revision on all 3 order and multiple times. On first order he left 4 star rating and on other 2 orders he never left review.

You can never make a sadistic person happy, how good your service are.