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Some tips to improve gig
Can anyone give me some tips to improve my gig…?

These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will design professional clickable HTML based email signature
In the gig description:
“at very cheap rate” could be “at a very cheap rate”.
I’d advise against unlimited revisions. Or at least it might be better not to have them on every package.
The main gig image could probably be slightly less compressed.
The gig image looks too cropped when viewed on on the profile page (maybe aspect ratio isn’t the best or you need to take into account cropping when positioning text in the image).

Gig: I will design business powerpoint presentation and pitch deck
Where it says “I am available 24/7…” I’d remove that bit. I don’t think it’s helpful to say you’re available every hour of the day and night.
Maybe the gig image could have your username on it somewhere (instead of one saying “Steve…”).

Thanks for your valuable suggestions.

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