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Some tips to improve my gig!

Hello everyone I recently got my first order and invested in using it to ask someone to optimise my gig. It worked and I got pretty high up in the search list but I’m not getting any orders! This is the gig I’m talking about
Help would be very much appreciated thanks!
Before anyone asks YES I’m aware of what my gig video is and I’m working on it right NOW.



You offer a very unique service…,
I’m a newbie in this field…, but I don’t think much gaming people will look this kind on service in fiverr? (I mean the gaming one)


But I offer server for many other different categories like twitch, anime etc etc
Kindly click on my gig if need more tips

You gig looks great! If it was what I was looking for I’d probably buy it! But that’s the kicker, you need to find the people who need it. Often people don’t realise they can pay other people to do this kind of service for them, so just make sure you’re pushing it on your socials too? It’s one of the best ways to get referrals and sales. Good luck and all that jazz, my dude! :smiley:


agree, your video explains nothing :grinning:
video gig is one of the way to describe your gig more

wow your title is :sweat_smile: