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Some tips to recognize who's Fake Buyers

(1) If you see the work is very easy to do and he’s offering you a big amounts. Then you can understand there is something is fishy!.

(2) Most of the fake buyer they didn’t use the profile picture. If you saw don’t have profile photo and he’s description is doubting you can ignore that buyer.

(3) This is very important so listen properly some of fake buyers they will show you some greediness to attract you and they will call you out of the market place the just put a email or phone number so don’t go out of market place just ignore them.

(4) Some fake buyers at first they will deal with you professionally to make you confused. He’s ask you to prove your self he give you some work to do when you finish the work he won’t Oder you he will be gone. But careful some real buyers also do that for quality check so try to watch buyer profile properly try to poke him to understand he’s real or fake but don’t disrespect talk with well manners.

(5) Last and most important tip is some buyer will come and they will say I have a big company but we didn’t payment in advance. If you do my work then I’ll pay you weekly or monthly. So be aware from the fake buyers.

I’m not much expert and I don’t want to hurt anyone. This is actually real incident which I was facing in my fiverr carrier. I try to inform you,Its totally up to you what you will do. Thank you very much for read the post.


@mdrifat7 I’msorry you’re going through this :frowning:
But appreciate you sharing these tips to protect others!

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Thank you for sharing. Would help a lot as a new seller.

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You welcome!! I just try to inform people.

Most of these tips are solid! The one thing I would say isn’t amazing is the profile picture tip, I have dealt with many people who have zero reviews and no profile picture and they were great buyers, but I have also dealt with people with many reviews and a profile picture who were trying to get free work, so just use your instincts.

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Thank you very much for your post.

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Yes I’m agree with you. Even the Top buyer also they want free work. But I told on my tips its depend on buyers. I didn’t said that all are fake without profile picture you have to find out he’s fake or real.

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Yes, it is very topic.

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Thank you so much dear.

You welcome are you a seller or buyer?

I am a professionally seller.

thanks buddy… :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

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