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Some Tips?

Hello. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking around on here for suggestions to improve my fiverr account and chances of making money. Even with all this I feel like my approach can be improved. I was hoping if someone can look over my gigs and let me know anything I can do differently to get a few gigs going.

To begin with, I’m pretty sure it’s not “Photo Shop”, but “Photoshop” so you might want to change that (makes you look more serious since that’s the name of the program you are using for your gig).

Just have some confidence. You say all this stuff like “I’m a pretty well rounded artist”. Just say “I’m a well rounded artist”. Don’t sell yourself short; it comes out like you are unsure of your skills and that doesn’t go well with the buyers.

Go forth and conquer! :slight_smile:

Wow. Thank you for the good advice. :slight_smile: I will make the adjustments to my gigs. I was just a bit worried that I was doing something wrong with my gigs. Well with these improvements it should make a huge difference.