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Some v basic questions from a n00b

I’m brand new to Fiverr (by about 20 minutes), though I’ve used a handful of other freelancer platforms and worked on my own as a freelancer for more than a decade. I’m just a little confused about this platform… perhaps someone can help me.

A “buyer” is a person or company seeking a service, yes?

A “seller” is the person selling his or her services, yes?

I intended to sign up as a person providing my services, but all I can see are other freelancers offering their services. There seems to be options to post a “gig” but that doesn’t make a lot of sense to me in this context. A gig normally would be a job posting from an entity looking to hire a freelancer. As a freelancer myself, I don’t at the moment have gigs to post–tis I who is seeking gigs lol.

I thought perhaps I started the wrong kind of account and I’d just start over, but there doesn’t seem to be a way delete my account…is that right? There’s literally NO account delete option in Fiverr? (That’s a little creepy, if so…). Nor does there appear to be a way to switch from one kind of account to another. I’ve read in help threads of switching from a buyer to seller account or the reverde, but I can’t for the life of me find that button.

Seems like a slick and handy platform and I’m always down to try out a new one, but so far I’m not finding my way around here very well. I have not yet, for example, yet seen a single job posting in which someone is looking to hire someone else

Can anyone offer me 60 seconds of guidance on what to do here? Thank you in advance for your time and magniimity =)


Fiverr doesn’t work like that!

Sellers post gigs that they want to do, buyers browse and pick what they like, and they place an order for what they like! Much like Amazon for services instead of products.

Browse the platform, read a few gigs, and you will understand.

I’m sure someone will reign in to post useful links for you. But for starters, read the Terms of Service and Help & Support pages for sellers.

Best of luck.


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Fiverr doesn’t work like other freelance websites. You don’t apply for projects with clients here.

You post your gigs which is ultimately your portfolio and your offer that any buyer can purchase anytime from you just pressing a button “place an order”.

You can learn how fiverr works on fiverr help page or they have fiverr learn. They have a free course on how to be a great seller where they explain things in detail

You have a switch to selling/buying button on your tabs bar on top. If you don’t see it then you need to zoom out your browser

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Ahhhh I see. Interesting! That seems obvious now it’s just such a departure from how…every job marketplace…ever…in the history of humanity works that it didn’t compute. Seems like kind of a waste of my time to come up with a job I can do that doesn’t exist and post it in hopes that someone out there will by happenstance want someone for that job, rather than limiting the marketplace to jobs that actually do exist and starting from there. But I think I understand the upside for employers (a much more direct line to the right person for the job, filtering out people who really aren’t right for the gig but are just trying to appear so). Probably not for me but I love that it seems to be working for so many of you all! Thanks so much for the response!

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