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Some weird buyer requests

So I am basically a new seller and i do not get to see much buyer request visible but whenever i do get BR if i am eligible for that work then definitely i send them request…

So recently today i saw a very weird BR which i thought of sharing with you all

so the buyer want to make an animated 3d girl to live stream on adult pages…SERIOUSLY

I dont know about others but i found it very weird and chances are that he is just posting request on the buyer request area for fun though i dont know what he wants but i just found it very weird and funny…

Have you all encountered with these weird and funny request please do share with everyone


this is not good at all to everyone, i also saw that

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That’s the reality here. The majority of BRs are unreasonable and/or very poorly paying. Fiverr doesn’t vet them.

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This BR isn’t weird at all.

I know several Animation / Rigging / Model specialists that already have a portfolio that would handle this request. In fact, I’m watching one of them do live rigging on Picarto as we speak. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some requests are only going to be suitable to people who have the infrastructure, engine, and portfolio already in place. That’s just the reality. Once those assets are developed, adapting and re-skinning them might only be a couple hours of work.

Remember that BR’s are also there for people who don’t know who they should be reaching out to. They searched, they didn’t find the specific expertise that they needed, so they’re making a custom offer.

It isn’t always meant for you, even if it seemingly falls into your realm of expertise. Sometimes the client is looking for someone who has already made the cookie cutter, not someone who wants to bang out a custom mold.


Well yeahhh I too thought that but i just had a few doubts coz putting so much of money that too for an adult website it sounded a little weird to me actually…

Still this isnt totally my field of expertise TBH i am a video editor and currently i dont have much knowledge about 3D animations but maybe in future I may try to learn this skill also coz i have been noticing from a long time this is a skill of high demand so yeahh maybe in future i may try…

Still thanks for your time i really appreciate this…

Nowadays are being placed regularly. It’s not good for all.

This is common on the BR page, I mostly get weird BR’s when I’m contacted from a buyer.
Most people want to keep these short of stuff between the buyer and seller.

If the buyer isn’t having any luck getting a seller to do the job, they would turn to the BR page, hoping for a wider range of notice.
If you can do the job by all means do it, if you can’t I wont bother with it.

Just sounds like having a 3d model rigged that they can control live. Sure, you might find the nature of it strange but If you’re trying to get work I’m not sure what the issue is.

This was the worst I’ve seen - Buyer Request Trolls (?)

Not all of them do the searching. Some BR and simple and straighforward with plenty of sellers on fiverr.

If he wants a woman he can “operate”, perhaps he should try out this young lady.