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Some words that buyers mostly like

Hi, Could you tell me some words that buyers mostly like for communication?

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Nice tips. Really helpful, people definitely love your work when they love you


Thanks @adnanalif for your tips. Hope your tips will help me to communicate with buyers.:+1:


Dear @arafatjamil01
You are absolutely right👍

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You are most welcome @monirulsumon
Work with thats tips
I hope you can make best communication with your buyers
Best of luck

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What! :scream: If a buyer asks me to do something I cannot do I should lie :grimacing: and tell them I can do it! :flushed: I do not think this is good advice! :frowning:


That’s very unprofessional and can also lead to negative reviews. :confused:


I am sorry but I do not agree with those “tips”:

  1. Absolutely NOT. You are a business, not a buyers friend.
  2. You must talk with your customer in a polite, business way.
  3. You must provide an excellent service, not creating bonds or social/emotional connection.
  4. If you can’t do something, you should tell your customer. Honestity is a great value in business.
  5. Never send gifts or bonus if it is not really necessary. It decreases the perception of quality of your work (you have to send “gifts” to compensante for your lack of skill).

You are right…But if you say you can’t do
then buyer can’t send next order
So, i think we should never tell the buyer that we can’t do

You may tell right @juanwriter

Just i share my knowledge
If my tips really wrong then I say extremely sorry
Forgive me

Let me give you an example or two. :wink:

I write letters for people in MS Word. Yesterday, a buyer contacted me and asked me what I would charge to hand write :writing_hand: 170 cards and address the envelopes.

:one: my penmanship is atrocious! Should I have lied and told him, “Yes, I can do that.” :thinking:

:two: He wanted them to be completed in 24 hours! No way I had the time! No, I do not agree with what you said.

I have had college students and high school students contact me to do their homework. :books: Should I break TOS and say I can do that and take a chance on getting my gig taken down or even my account blocked? :scream:

It is never a good idea to say you can do what you cannot do. :nerd_face:


You seem to be right
i am not right

woow…tips is awasome

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unique, fresh, stylish, pleasant, professional
use these kinds of words

In addition to what others have said, this can easily be seen as bribing your buyers, and that’s strictly forbidden. You could get an account warning for that, or get banned.

All of your tips seem to be about manipulating the buyer, not about communicating in a professional manner.


Thanks a lot @nikchowdhuri867

And yet some of the posts above compliment and thank OP for his posts. :roll_eyes: I wonder if they read the posts by others refuting his advice. :thinking:


I can’t agree this any more…
1.You should talk your buyers as a friend

  • Just be professional with them. For friends, use social media :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2.Never talk your buyers as boss/sir

  • Not boss, but you should remember that being polite and professional is the way to go with your clients.

3.Create a good bonding with your buyers

  • You don’t have to create bonding, but if you provide exceptional work, they will need you again.

4.Never tell your buyers that you can’t do

  • Really ? this is absolutely not required. If you accept the work which you can’t do this will lead to job cancellation and affect profile stats and earnings as well. It’s fine if you say no to work you can’t do instead of taking it and being in trouble.

5.And last of all you can send some gift or bonus

  • Not required at all, your work will be such that buyer will send you gift or bonus, not you as a seller.
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I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t read the OP’s post, either. They just post “good tips” or whatever to up their post count because they’ve read somewhere that it will make them a TRS or something.


free, no need to pay, unlimited, cheap :face_with_hand_over_mouth: