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Some wrong step to avoide : Please don't send 10 offers every day

Hi , how are you all?
I am fine. I would like to say in a short story, few words, and a quick time… about sending request to new buyers. please avoid who are already known to this matter. my topic for newbies.

Please don’t send 10 offers every day, not need to do this. because you are sending a lot of request messages in the buyer request section, WITHOUT EAD DESCRIPTION, WITHOUT SEEING SAMPLES, OR WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THE OBJECTS OF HONORABLE BUYERS.

if you ARE able to send 100000 requests a day, I think you do. but the modest person will send 1 or 3 or 5 requests a day, the maximum day they do not send but they active.

finally, the wrong idea can damage your career in gig selling. so be careful and enjoy, have a nice day.

MD. Khalid.

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