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Some youtuber just used my gig image in his video without any attribute

So a youtuber just used my gig image without credit or attribute, what should I do now. Can I take down the video?


How is it used? If it’s in a page of general search results, I’m pretty sure that’s a no.


In the case that it’s in a thumbnail or specifically talking about your gig image:
Privately warn them to credit you, or you’re going to get the video taken down.
If it’s just passed by in a list of gigs: Can’t really do much there. Sorry.

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He used in his video for 2 minutes. as an still image and he’s talking on the side.

You can report them to youtube by email, youtube will take down the video and send a copyright message to them. I’ve reported something similar before

Welcome to the unregulated, difficult to police, media known as the internet.

You could politely contact the YouTuber and request either they remove it or that they give you a credit of some kind.

If that doesn’t work, I would just post a comment in the comments section of the video stating (nicely) that at (time stamp) your image appears. I would also use the comment as an opportunity to post your Fiverr Gig URL.

You never know, the YouTuber may end up bringing you new business by “borrowing” your image.

It’s entirely up to how you react to it.

For me, personally, I would see it as an opportunity to promote my services.


he is promoting his service using my gig image on youtube. I commented on the video about this, I told him to contact my email, he just deleted the comment within seconds and hasn’t contacted me yet.

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I believe your next step then is to contact YouTube and cite community standards and spell out the violation.

Good luck.


what do I put in the Relation to copyrighted content field? I am submitting copyright issue on youtube.

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What does the little question mark state (hover or click)?

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is says “Your job title or role relating to the content in question.”

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So your relation is creator and owner, I would think.


I would enter “original content creator.”


Can it be sending a msg and ask about it? What he/her replied?

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You can warn the channel owner. If the owner do not take down your image, report about the video if you have valid reason.

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