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Somebody asked me to create a fiverr account for him

Hello, somebody asked me today to create a new fiverr account for him. I said that it is very easy to create a fiverr account and he told me that he needs my location(my flag) in this account.I am from Europe, he is from another continent. He gave me his email adress. I wanted to help him but then I thought this is really weird and I gave up. What do you think about this? …Could this be a bug? Thank you

Voiceverwork, good advice. Clear and concise.

Ryangilliam, the best gig I ever bought was from India. Some of the worst have been from the US. The value of $5 is perceived differently between economically diverse countries.

I have heard of this problem with PayPal not working in some countries, so members ask you to create an account for them. This is also not advisable. However, now that fiverr offers the revenue card I suspect this has allowed more people to join the fiverr community.

He was using you so that his location gets set to Romania. This is a much more appealing location than being set to somewhere outside of Europe or America. People are turned off buying when they see somebody selling from China, India or elsewhere.

No I dont know that person, this is what I did finally = politely declined and wished him the best. Considering that I am pretty new here I was curious about your opinion.I want to help if I can and its about something serious.But this was too weird.

bachas85 you are great! I saw your videos and I hope that one day I could be able to have your succes! You are awesome!


Do you know this somebody?

  • If you do, help them create their own account from their computer.
  • If you don’t, politely decline and wish them the best.

Reply to @ryangillam: Interesting point of view…I never thought about this.

He was from Srilanka.