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Somebody got unauthorized access to my selling account and sent spam messgaes

Hi Fiverr Community. I have encountered a serious problem that has put my account’s safety at extreme risk. Somebody or should I say, some bot has taken over my fiverr account and has been continuously sending messages to different sellers with “Hello”, “Hey Dear” and similar types of spam messages. I sell WordPress services on Fiverr and was on my way to becoming a level 1 seller, but now all my effort has been wasted by some kind of bot or malware. I have even changed my account password but still no use. Some seller has already reported my unauthorized spam message, which is worrying me so much. I have contacted Fiverr customer support, and now my case is under observation, but still, I can’t say for sure how that has happened even in the first place.
I want to seek guidance on this forum from all Fiverr experts, kindly state what could be the primary cause of this and how to get rid of that bot or person? And will Fiverr listen to my case and not issue a warning because I am certainly clueless and innocent here.
I would welcome any suggestions and be truly grateful.


In your account you can go to settings and ’ connected devices ’ , there you can see where are you logged in from. Perhaps you can take a screenshot of that ( if the other person,assuming that this is the issue is still logged in ) and contact support showing them that…


You could do a virus scan of your computer to see if that could be the cause (like some keylogger).

try using malwarebyte

I faced this issue twice, and I got warning too than. The person who hacked my account was sending spammed links to other people even to my old buyers. I took screen shots of those messages and also informed those people do not open the link my account is hacked. and than contacted support, and explained whole scenario. Support put my account on restriction for 24 hours and after they investigated everything reinstated everything. after that I even changed my email address linked and password too but it was again got hacked after 2 months. than
I had to remove all the link accounts from account and everything. till than nothing happened Thanks to Almighty.


2 factor authentication?

even this does not work when account got hacked. I do not know how they got access

Ohh thanks for your message. So do you think removing the linked accounts and signing out from all the suspicious device will do some good ? Moreover, I saw no option to remove the already linked accounts. Looking for your precious suggestions. Thanks

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  • Check connected devices for suspicious devices (Fiverr > Settings > Security > Connected devices). and sign-out them.
  • Change passwords of all related accounts (Email, Fiverr, Payoneer etc.)
  • Activate 2-factor authentication
  • Format your PC or reset
  • Use a good anti-virus application
  • Avoid using cracks & limit using un-verified torrents.

Thanks so much, the spam messages have now been stopped generating after signing out the suspicious devices.


Hi, Thanks for your response to my issue. I contacted customer support and unfortunately they have disabled my account temporarily stating : "Hi there,

Thank you for the information!

For safety reasons, I’ve temporarily disabled your account, so please don’t be alarmed.

This is only until we hear back from our team that everything is ok with your account.

I have forwarded the issue to our relevant team and as soon as I hear back from them, I’ll let you know."

Please let me know if there is any possible chance that they’ll resume my account again. I’m worried enough to do anything now, looking for your precious suggestions what to do under these critical circumstances.
Thanks a lot.

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if they told you this then everything should be fine , they are probably investigating the incident

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Do you share your IP with someone else?

I’m thinking like in a dorm or apartment setting?

There could be another user who is responsible who is on the same IP.

Just a thought.

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make a new email address and change the associated phone number too. and when you will link the new email id. ask the fiverr support to remove all linked accounts from my accounts just keep the latest you added. and they will help you in this case, if you wont do it the chance of unauthorized access are still there.
my account got hacked twice

Update: I have just received an email from Fiverr saying that my account has been restored and reactivated by Fiverr… Thanks a lot, guys for your support and suggestions under these critical circumstances… Feel free to give me your vital tips and suggestion in order to improve my account and never experience these types of things again in the future… Once Again, Thanks a lot Fiverr Community, it was a wonderful experience for me as a newbie to get suggested by my seniors. Let’s stay in touch and work together to make this Fiverr Community Great. Really Happy !!


Ohh, I noticed one thing. All my gig rankings are now gone and they’re deranked as my gigs were put to pause by that temporary disable. Looking for your precious suggestions… Thanks