Somebody hack my Fiverr account!


Some body hacked my fiverr account as well my Payoneer account and shifted my cash to his Payoneer account. I get backed my Fiverr account and payoneer account but did not get my cash yet from Payoneer.

Please suggestions!!!


Report to Customer Support of both Payoneer and Fiverr immediately.


Got my Payoneer and Fiverr account backed


Yes, I understand that you got your accounts back but the only way to possibly get your money back is to let Support look into it, they’re the only ones who have the means to look over the issue.

Anyway, most likely Payoneer would be able to see who hacked into what I think? Just talk to them and see what they can do.

Update this thread if you got any feedback from them.


ok i will update you for sure


Contact immediately.