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Somebody help me ? can i do?

Some days I have not received a client message, a few days ago I used to receive a message every day. I have a first page but why I do not receive a message, someone can say.


Unfortunately there is no way for us to know why exactly people are not ordering from you.
Also if you see your gig on the first page it doesn’t mean that your potential clients also see on the first page.


Thank you ,What should I do ?

Take the Fiverr logo off you images for one. That is against TOS. Being so causal about being a rule-breaker makes others less eager to trust you.

Beyond that it is the job of every business to work out what their kind of customer wants and how to get it to them in a way they feel comfortable enough to buy with a minimum of fuss. Only you can do that.



Thank you for your information

It depend on your gig if are you first page but not receive message from buyer may be your gig problem.