Somebody help me?


Hello Fiverr Expert.

I need your help. I created a new GIG 24 hours ago after that i checked many times in search and find there. But right now i can not see in the search.
Kindly help me and this is link of my GIG.


All new and recently-edited gigs are reviewed before they show up in the search listings. This process can take up to 48 hours (sometimes longer). Please be patient. When you gig is reviewed and approved, it will show up in the listings.


I think its not good to edit/change after publish your gig. I lost my ranking for this reason.


If you need to edit your gig, then edit your gig. You cannot live in fear of things that “might” happen. Work with what you can control, create (and edit) eye-catching gigs, and deliver top-quality work that earns you positive reviews.

Those who live in fear, rarely accomplish anything productive.


Yes Sir, you are right!