Somebody Help Please- Buyer Problem


So the seller I ordered from is 2 days late with my project. I was told there would be a cancel button present when 24 hours have passed since the deadline so I can cancel this gig. I am only seeing a Resolve Now button that tells me to ask Seller to cancel project. If seller is not responding to my messages, will they even bother to cancel? And if they don’t agree to cancel, what next? Isn’t there an automatic option since the seller is late? This is the only thing I see:
You’ll be able to cancel this order if the seller
does not deliver within the next 24 hours.
[But this message has been there for for over 24 hours. Sale was due on the 9th. Tried to get in touch with seller multiple times. They come online all the time but doesn’t respond.

And to my right in rent Seller is Late. Why do I have to go through seller to cancel if they are late?


you can use resolation button for cancellation the order anytime. and if seller faild to deliver the order in time, then you will get a message from fiverr for cancel the order.

keep mind it, seller should delivery quality job or he/she must need to cencel the order. this is the only one way …
hope you understand


I think it’s actually 48 hours (when the order is not just in ‘late’ status, but ‘very late’; this is to give sellers a chance if something came up, like an accident). In other words, wait for a bit more, and you should be able to cancel without waiting for the seller to respond.


It’s also 48 hours after submitting a problem - you have to search for a resolution first. Which is frustrating if they’re already late! If you need the cash back to order from someone else, I would contact Fiverr Support for a quicker cancel (though rest assured, you will get the cash back eventually).


It will cancel automatically if seller not responding to your request.


you can also report the issue to the FIVERR customer service, they will cancel it immediately without delay


okay thanks for the response. It was done. I was just confused why Fiverr would say I have 24 hours to cancel the order if it’s actually 48.