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Somebody help!


i joined fiverr going to 2months now and i just had two orders like a week ago…it can be frustrating openin my inbox and seeing no notifications…i mean i promote my gigs just as i have been seein others do and yet…i need help pls…anybody out there to tel me wat i should or shouldnt do…i see a lot of people giving good comments about Fiverr and i so wanna be one… :frowning:


@bachas no i havent…ok think i would do that but can you tell me any related forums you knw…thanks…


Well one thing you can do is get popular through social networking. I can Get you followers in both Instagram and Twitter which will boost your sales. Also If you want to get the word out I can provide retweets so that your product will be shown to thousands of people. This will boost your income and sales!!!

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Reply to @bashiano: hi my friend

if u want promote your gig and if u interesting, u can check my gig for promote your gig



I have a forum you can use for just that, its free and some sellers have allready been posting there, our members are web masters and marketeres so they are all looking for services that can help them and add value to the forum.