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Somebody included their email address in the order

I am aware that we are not allowed to provide emails, phone numbers or anything like this except with Fiverr approval. And I’ve read anyone who will do that will probably be suspended. Am I in danger of account suspension here? I didn’t ask the buyer to send me their email! they just did! or should I contact CS?

I’ve had plenty of buyers include their email address in their messages to me. I usually politely mention that I can’t communicate outside of Fiverr, or I just ignore it and continue communicating as normal through the Fiverr messaging system. If you do what silberma1976 recommended or just ignore it, you should be fine. I don’t think you can get in trouble unless you provide your contact information or follow up with them outside of Fiverr. I wouldn’t worry!

You arent in danger if someone sends you email.

There are alot of buyers that are writing email in inbox. Or even worse, call me on xyx-xyx lol…

Just tell them you cant communicate outside of fiverr like Silberma said and you will be fine.

P.S. I just needed to edit comment to include y between xx lol Because triple X is fragglesrock (yeah I wrote fragglesrock)