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Somebody steals our images from our live portfolios, consider adding a watermark on your photos

This is so annoying, in the last month I found more FAKE accounts with fake gigs here on fiverr and some of my photos were used for creating that gigs. This person has stolen my photos from my live portfolio using the print screen method.

I suspect it is ONE person who created these accounts because the photos were watermarked with the same logo every time. I messaged customer support regarding this problem and they deleted these fake accounts every time.

But this just wont stop, yesterday I found a new gig, a fake one, of course, that was created using the photo of my sister - the same situation - my sisters photo was watermarked with the same logo after being stolen. It was a photo from her live portfolio. I messaged customer support and i hope they will help me again.

This is a real problem that might affect my sales and my credibility. If somebody will buy a gig from that person who used my photo, that person will deliver rubbish. (lets be serious), and than, if the same buyer will see the same photo is my live portfolio, (where it belongs) he will say -oh thank you, but no. He will be confused.<br /> <br /> I think an automatic watermark could be a solution. After delivering a photo and allowing it to appear in our life portfolio, fiverr should add an automatic watermark on that photo. The watermark should be composed from the personal fiver link of that seller.<br /> <br /> Just a common watermark for all sellers would not solve the problem. Our personal fiverr link should compose the watermark. The watermark should cover the entire photo, so it should not be easy to remove.<br /> <br /> (example: istock,shutterstock etc)<br /> <br /> I hope fiverr will consider my suggestion because I dont see other solution. If you think this would be a good idea, please let fiverr know about your thoughts.

Best Wishes