Somebody STOLE my GIGS


Hello! I am really panicing right now so please help me! I was browsing some gigs and then i found not one, but two gigs that were same as gigs that i used to have. Sadly, i deleted them about a week ago because i wanted to mix them together. I made my gigs about a month ago, they were one of first gigs i ever made. I used photos that i edited myself and then he stole them and just cheaply putted them on his gig. I didnt know what to do because i deleted these 2 gigs, (i still have photos on my computer, they are in better quality because they are original, if that helps).

I went to his profile and then BOOM! He stole not just 2, but 5 of my gigs! 3 of them are active, but then, he didnt use just my photos, but he just copy-pasted my description! I bet he stole the rest of his gigs. How can i report him? I will send you a lot of links so you can see what am i talking about: <- me


Last two gigs are copied from my deleted gigs.

This guy didnt contact me or asked me to use my photos, so they are stolen. Please help me!!!

Thank you!


Since you are the Original and you are the true creator of these GIGs, then most people will head to you, specially that he won’t be able to deliver the GIGs he copied from you, because you have the skill and he doesn’t have it and he is only copying, so when someone order his he will get bad reviews…

All in All, just do your work, and don’t care what others are doing!

Good Luck!


Oh! Something else, when I looked on the GIGs of both of you, it looks as if he copied from many people, not just you, and he didn’t get any positive reviews although he had one order!

Also, Fiverr may catch him and suspend his account!

Don’t be sad you must be proud to have 4 Sales with 100% Positive Reviews



Contact Fiverr Support with a well written note and screenshots.


Click, “Still Can’t Find An Answer”,

Click, “Submit A Request”,


Thank you both for your help!

Later, it turned out to be not just 5 copied gigs, but 7. I reported him, and luckily, they removed 5 of them. I guess they couldn’t remove ones that i deleted, but just like

Gegeneo said, he wont have skills to complete them.

Once again, thank You very much for your help Voiceoverwork, and Gegeneo!