Somebody to correct my grammar


Are you a professional grammarian. Don’t hesitate to correct me. I like being corrected. Nobody is perfect. Our grand grand parent committed error.There is a saying " to err is human to be perfect is a devil " This is the new saying version. he he he !! >:)


Very insightful


Yes, and honest, I see grammar mistakes everywhere :frowning: Even on the first page and big headliner of my local paper. I think it is good to be aware of grammar and I like your newer version saying :slight_smile:


Thanks guys for your comments more power on you. Good Luck!!


Reply to @davejrballada: Hahahahah “gays?!” on a grammar post?! Too funny.


Yup! grave error . You passed the test . He he he . No It’s a genuine mistake :))

I have edited it recently. he he he…