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Somebody tried blackmailing me two weeks ago

An old customer.

Saw my post on here about the account warning for the gig over thirty days. I had increased his gig time frame to thirty three days just after I received the warning but before I knew what I had been warned for.

Said if I didn’t send the entire value of his gig to his PayPal account (including Fiverr cut) he would report me for breaking the rules and get me banned.

Weird situation as I couldn’t report him because customer support would have looked at the ticket and banned me cos I did extend the gig beyond thirty days (didn’t know at the time you couldn’t do that). Which is annoying as it opens me up to blackmail like this (happened once before and I got warned when a buyer asked for ten free articles or he leaves negative and I said no. Then I got account warning because my gig says unlimited revisions)

Then I logged in and he had been banned. The messaging system had caught him out (I. E. When an individual message gets sent to Fiverr for review) and he was banned with nobody reading the rest of the messages.

Been two weeks now, so I assume I’m in the clear. Who knows, though. I just need to last two more days and the warning disappears.

Ugh. Why are people such…ugh.

I have no idea what I would have done if he didn’t get banned. It would have put me into a position where I lose out no matter what I do.

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Oh gosh that’s so rude from him. :confused: I don’t understand how people could possibly do such things and their day goes normally.

Glad to hear that things went fine for you.

Yikes! Sounds like a hot pile of mess + sounds like you’re :ice_skate: skating on thin ice. :grimacing:

I repeat, Why are some people such…