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Somehow I finally found something to rant about and its been maybe 2 weeks?

So, Im new on fiverr and been really putting effort trying to understand the platform, reading the rules, FAQ, forum, I even sent a few questions to support to find answer to questions I wasnt able to solve by just reading. I took some tests and courses from fiverr, put tons of effort into improving my gigs. I have been patient, I sent offers to buyers requests and have been very lucky to be able to work with a great client on my 4rth offer. I understand I have been lucky and probably later it’lltake some time to get new offers, because freelancing is not easy, and being an illustrator isn’t easy at all, as any other job to be fair.

But there is one thing I can’tstand anymore after reading this forum and that is peole asking why they don’tget sales or that its because of the platform. I ASSURE YOU THAT HAPPENS INSIDE FIVERR AND OUTSIDE FIVERR. People don’t make sales easy anywhere. Maybe and just maybe you should get better at what you do, better at marketing your gigs, I believe maybe if you think about WHAT YOU CAN DO TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Its not magic, its not like if I wait clients appear, if I wait I dont get better at drawing, I have to DO those thingsyou know. I have to study, get better, look for those clients, if I see something doesnt work I change the strategy. A few weeks ago I tried selling on social media, because it didnt work I looked for other options and fiverr happened to work for me. Maybe in a uear fiverr wont work for me and ill need to find a new strategy.



Quote of the century. I need to dip that in bronze…
When some people tell others to “Be patient,” yes, patience is important, but somehow people take that as “do nothing and wait.” Bad move, bad move indeed.

Jokes aside, well said! :wink: I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who wants to shake your hand.
Also I won’t be surprised if you get messages asking for “advice,” in other words this magic formula that creates orders out of thin air. I hope you don’t get too many of those messages, it can get rather annoying quickly.

I checked out your gig and my art teacher was OBSESSED with perspective drawings, so that brought back lovely memories :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

This is just my personal opinion, but the drawings seems a bit light and hard to see.
Do you think you can darken the lines a bit more? That way the viewers can appreciate all the details. :smiley:

Happy Holidays!! :christmas_tree:


Heyyy, thanks a lot for the feedback, Oh man, Im a bit lazy about it lol, but i think i could retouch them a bit for the gigs sake haha. Those are actually some viscom exercises, Ive been using scott robertsons technique learning with how to draw, Im pretty sure your teacher must already know about it or willlove that book

Who knows, i mean, Ive got 4 so i think they arent much yet, I hope i get more so I can build a gallery soon of finished commisions, I believe thats key

Btw, have a loveley holiday as well :grin:

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nice suggest, Thank you

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…I’m not sure what I’m being thanked for… :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:
especially when the suggestion is for @ruthsalmun only… :thinking:

I thought maybe something we said might have been useful? Haha, like what you said plus overall conversation

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