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Somehow Orders Completed goes DOWN despite no cancellations! Woohoo!


My last cancellation was on November 24th, made because the Buyer was trying to get me to do their homework for them…for five dollars… (not that I would have done it for more money…but that was particularly insulting).

Anyway, that put my Orders Completed to 97 per cent. Since then, I have completed close to 40 more orders. What does this do to my rating? Today it suddenly drops to 96 per cent. AWESOME!


I had that happen twice lately so far. It’s quite concerning isn’t it?


I don’t understand it fully because I don’t do math, but another seller I know mentioned a conversation with CS about this issue. Apparently your stats on completion/cancellation, response rate and so on can change without apparent reason when there really is a reason. Since they measure it over 30 (?) days and each day rechecks your stats against the time period, rates can change by a little bit.

Just to be safe I would still report it to CS because if it is actually a glitch they can just reset it for you. If it’s a real stat they can apparently explain to you what order(s) in the past are still affecting you. I’ve never understood the actual formulas so I don’t even try, but apparently someone with talents in statistics understands it?