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Someon help me contact fiverr or help solve my problem


Why did I until now have not had a level?

when I have completed the 72 orders, 38 positive and the rest are not responsible for payment

but there is no negative feedback

and I have 5 stars

account age I had more than 1 month

please help me


Were your sales all done quite rapidly- like within the past few days or week? Maybe it takes a while for the system to process your orders and assign levels…?


Contact Customer Support and ask them; the forums have no Fiverr staff and are not a replacement for support.


It isn’t one month, it’s 30 days. Your profile says you’ve been active for under a month. Wait until 30 days have passed.


I join 14 July

then I have to wait for how much longer?


Reply to @inkpetal: I join 14 July

then I have to wait for how much longer?


Reply to @marketfafir: Regardless of when you say you joined, your account says “about a month”. So until that changes, you have to wait.

If you are impatient, once again, contact Customer Support. It could be something went wrong with the timer, but we cannot fix that for you. CS can.


Reply to @marketfafir: That’s strange because your account isn’t displaying as a month yet. You’ll have to contact Customer Service.

Customer Service take around 5 days to get to a ticket so you’ll have to be patient.


thank you, i’m level 1 now.