Someone at fiverr is really picking on me... [RESOLVED]


I simply updated a video to include that I do graphics , on-screen text and musical background tracks… showing samples of each.

I didnt change the description at all.

Then my gig went into review…

I got a message from support saying that my description and gig title needs "tweaking"

either it’s got too MANY CAPITAL LETTERS or Doesnt reflect what I’m providing , OR isn’t proper english or grammar OR hard to understand…

What really chaps me is that I spent like 2 hours editing my gig to avoid this message from fiverr… My gig explains everything PERFECTLY in such a way that ANYONE can understand it. No matter how i put it , my gig cannot pass their “review” … Whoever at fiverr is in charge of reviewing gigs , please for the love of God tell me what it is that i need to fix instead of giving me these freakin auto responses like “The problem could be THIS or THAT or THAT or THAT or THAT or THAT” … I mean … what the hell? Tell me what is wrong! I know i used plenty of ALL CAPS in this message , my gig does not. The only word I know is in all caps is “BELIEVABLE” because it’s a testimonial gig.

I’m paying my rent with fiverr right now and that means I’m making them and myself a substantial amount of money. You would think the least they could do is treat me just a hair better… this is so rude of them in my opinion… There is nothing hard to understand about my gig. I use english in such a manner that is both understandable and proper. If not , you would have trouble reading this rant. I take into account that there are plenty of people in the world that need stuff dumbed down… So I make sure to put things as simply as possible.

Someone is really picking on me at fiverr and they have power… What I want to know is why crap on someone making you so much money? I’m clearly offering more services with my gig now and that is an opportunity to bring in 3 times the amount of money for the site in general. What sense does it make to give me such a hard time about that? =/


PS: I would link my gig but because it’s “in review” I can’t even see it myself.


Here is my gig … someone tell me what is wrong with it before I go totally crazy. I’m losing money here and fiverr support is being less than helpful right now. So I ask the community… Is my gig hard to understand?? Why do you think fiverr is telling me My gig need to be “tweaked” this is really ticking me off at this point I’m losing SO MUCH MONEY! Being short on rent $300 and past due , this just can’t happen!

My gig :

Description: I will create up to a 60 second video testimonial or commercial for your product , business , or website and sound BELIEVABLE for $5

Bigger Description: ★★EXPRESS TOP RATED GIG★★

If you need a believable testimonial that sounds like it came from a satisfied customer or someone REAL and not a paid actor… Check out my samples…

1 gig= up to 60 seconds of video. For longer videos simply order multiple gigs.

★★Want me to create the script? Order a gig per 60 seconds of script★★

Example: 2 minute videos where I write a script =4gigs

I wrote almost 95% of my scripts in the sample videos. Don’t worry about getting a quality script from me! :slight_smile:


Need this done within 24 hours? Message me first!


On-screen Text , Picture of Logo , and Background music are called Elements. Each element costs +$5. Order enough gigs to cover what you are buying.

Each gig costs $5 and must be ordered separately (There is no way for me to add extras on my gigs at this time)

What kind of person at fiverr is having trouble understanding such a simple gig description? Can I possibly make this any easier to understand??? Please someone help me!! Fiverr wont!


Heres the deal on your reply here madmoo … When I updated the video , I didnt change the gig description much at all. Except to say that I was now offering on-screen text , logos , and background music. And that they cost $5 per.

The “express top rated gig” has been an eye catcher since day 1 on that gig and no mod has had an issue with it yet. Now suddenly they do? Im not sure why… – Its not really an express gig because I can’t add extras yet. Its just my way for me make more money from the gig. If people message me for fast delivery , I’ll tell them order the gig twice , the message is just so I catch it in my inbox and know they want a fast delivery. – All of this would not be an issue if I could just level up but theres a reason dating back to the early days of my account that is stopping this.

Note: to everyone , don’t break the fiverr rules … you may never be able to level up. Support tells me “I might” in time … I’m 3 months in and fiverr is my main source of income. I’m waiting to be forgiven by an automated system O_0


Well , if you saw the video it explains it all perfectly stating its up to a minute long testimonial simply enough … then everything else is extras. I’m really just about to give up on all this :frowning: The eye-catcher is true , I’m offering this gig as an express option granted you message me first. I dont really see in the rules where you cant offer things like this , if I’m wrong let me know. Im double checking now.

The bigger question here is , if I’m making 300 a month on the site from this gig alone and fiverr is getting 20% … why are they giving me such a hard time? I have 100% feedback rating … nobody is having a lick of a problem understanding my gig whatsoever.

The thing I’m so ticked about is that I never even edited much of the description but suddenly they have a problem with it… The only 2 lines I changed in it was “I now offer on-screen text , music , and logo options called elements” "Each element is +$5

thats it … the entire rest of the description was left untouched.

I think its absolutely rude to give us canned responses staying the problem could be “6 different things” when its probably only 1. If they are moderating manually … why not just say “Hey fix this problem blah blah blah” .


News flash – One of the mod’s has a heart. I basically went ham in my description “tweak” this time asking them to tell me what was wrong and they simply edited out the wording about the express gig part.

I guess that was the problem… it depends on who saw it … so it must have slipped by.

This rant is now officially over and my gig is officially re-posted.

Thanks for trying to help madmoo. Wish me luck in leveling up soon. I plan on doing a LOT on this site soon. Working on my green screen acts soon. Will be a hoot :slight_smile:


Heheh I got $15 worth of orders today :slight_smile: Yaay. Seems like its back in full swing!


Reply to @zarklon: Wow, congratulations! Glad everything was cleared up and you are back to happily earning on Fiverr! :slight_smile: