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Someone bought my gig 5 days ago, and hasn't said a word


I’ve messaged them 4 times now asking them. I have no clue how or why someone bought my gig for no reason. Has this happened to anyone else?


Welcome to Fiverr and yes it happens all the time. You have two choices you can leave it alone and maybe the buyer will come back someday and submit the data needed for you to completed the gig or you can contact Customer Support and request that they cancel the gig. Up until recently this is what I would do but now i just leave it pending submission of data. Good luck with your gig(s)


It happen to me once, it’s already 5 months and he didn’t do anything. I’ll just leave it alone. :slight_smile:


I cancel 7 orders 10 days ago having worth of more than $75 because buyers do not send any information from october 2012 :frowning: