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Someone buy my gig without proper details about what to do

Someone did buy my gig two days ago. Usually,my other buyers will send me a message about what to do before agree to finally buying my gig. But this dude just buy my gig only saying that he will send actionscript for me to work on in a hour. I’ve reply his message, not once, but twice! but until today, he didn’t send me anything nor replying my message.

What should i do ? anyone ever experience something like this ?


siputganteng said: he didn't send me anything nor replying my message.

This happens often. Just stay on top of it, but don't be a pest.

I had that before sometimes and I simply requested a cancellation.

That way the order clock stopped and your buyer can still send you the requirements and reopens the order by declining the cancellation…

I hope I could help:-)


Thank you for the advice Maureen, i will try it ! :slight_smile:

You will get used to as this happen very often. Afterall it just $5 to them, but to us is another waste of time just to contact them back and sometime without reply till the end of the project ticker countdown.