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Someone came in with my account and orders

What can I do?

I’m worried about my colleagues who have already done some work.

I will pay them.

But that’s not fair.

Phew~ Glad I wasn’t the only one to read that post and go “huh?” My guess is her account got hacked. @malena_mmm If that’s what has happened to you, then contact customer support right away. If that’s NOT what happened, maybe you can come back and explain a little more…maybe we can help or at least offer suggestions.


@malena_mmm I am not sure, what exactly the problem is?

Reply to @bestinmarket: Same here, I don’t understand what the problem is.

If it’s hacked, certainly contacting Customer Support is the right thing to do. But I also advice you to talk to the other seller and ask them to stop the job, even if you’re willing to pay them and not cancel the gig. This way at least whoever’s using your account won’t get the work.