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Someone can help me reviewing grammar from my gigs?

English is not my first language so i’m having troubles with the correct grammar, if anyone can help me i will apreciate so much, i’m a artist and new at Fiverr, trying to restart my tattoo shop that a lost last year becouse of the pandemic, now i’m trying to sell some artwork. Thanks.


if possible try to use short fast video in your gig , so that buyer can understand what you exactly want to provide . try to make video for your gig.


i’m working on it, but i’m not fluent in English tho.

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Have you tried using the free Grammarly extension? That’s pretty good at picking up writing errors.

Your descriptions are easy to understand, but there are multiple grammar errors in them. I’ll focus on a few below:

Use an, not a, whenever the following noun begins with a vowel sound.

a ilustration artist
find a original
I will do a album cover

Here, you need the word your, not you’re. (You’re is a contraction of you are, which doesn’t make sense in this instance. Your expresses possession.)

I’ll sketch you’r idea!

Draw, meaning sketch or design, is a verb. In this case, you need the noun drawing, as you’re referring to an actual design, not the act of designing.

I’ll do my best to deliver a good draw for you.

Always capitalise the pronoun I.

and i’ll design
i’ll make
i hope so
i’ll create

Grammar is a pain, I know. :confused:


Thanks so much for the idea, I really did not though do that!

You’re so kind, thanks, I’ve corrected, I guess with grammar extension helper.

By the way, do what do you think about the gigs I’ve posted, the service I offer, the details, they are ok to you? :smile:


Cool. I can already see that your gigs are looking more professional. :slightly_smiling_face:

There’s one noticeable typo that you could fix. It’s in your tag line. The t is missing from the end of t-shirt.


There’s a lot that I like about your gigs. I especially like the pictures of you at work. They make you look very passionate about art.

If you wanted to, you could perhaps add in a little bit of text about your experience. At the moment, a buyer wouldn’t necessarily know that you’ve been working in this field for a long time and that you have your own tattoo shop.

I think your experience could be a big selling point.


My most sincere thanks, you helped a lot.

It is my life passion, unfortunate I lost my shop about months ago after the Pandemic, and I’ve unemployed since then, but always trying to sell my art to people who like my style, also I make little gigs for marking groups here in my city. Hope with your tips I can get some commissions for my gigs. Thanks again. :heart:

Yes, maybe could be a nice touch to approach people to my work.