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Someone contacted me to create Other Marketplace account for him

someone contacted me over my fiverr gig with an offer to be his patner in my country. Partnership only includes for me to create Other Marketplace account for which i will be paid. I know this is against the rules, and this is very suspiscious since account is created in june this year, and also there is notihing else requested, which is most likely a fraund.

Have you experienced something similar?

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Unfortunately, this is a well-known scam on Fiverr.

It is definitely a fraud. It doesn’t matter when the account was created. Even if the account was created 10 years ago… it is still a scam. :slight_smile:


I have been written several times for the same thing or for rent (my ip). Thanks to fiverr mark these people as scam so they are not so annoying.

Got it, reported it, blocked it.


Yeah, Ive been targeted like this, unfortunately, allot. Ive been keen to it tho. If people don’t want to purchase a gig over the platform then they are probably wasting your time.